Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro-(9CI) (356783-29-4)

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Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro-(9CI) (356783-29-4) Description

Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro- (9CI)  is an intermediate typically in the synthesis of Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro- (9CI) commercially named Favipiravir, which is a unique viral RNA Polymerase inhibitor for the treatment of Influenza (potentially treat the novel coronavirus pneumonia), acting on viral genetic copying to prevent its reproduction. A practical and step-economic route to Favipiravir. The complete synthesis of favipiravir from 2-aminopyrazine.

Favipiravir was approved for marketing in Japan in March 2014 and used for antiviral treatment of influenza A and B. In addition to the influenza virus, the drug also showed good antiviral activity to a variety of RNA viruses, such as Ebola virus, sand virus, Bunia virus,

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Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro-(9CI) (356783-29-4) Specifications

CAS 356783-29-4
MDL Number MFCD18968604
Chemical Name or Material 3,6-difluoropyrazine-2-carboxamide


2-Pyrazinecarboxamide, 3,6-difluoro-

QC-770; AKOS005166867; FT-0686197

Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Physical Form Powder
Packaging Aluminum Foil Bag
Molecular Formula C5H3F2N3O
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 159.1
Color White powder
Assay 98%

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