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2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4) Specifications

CAS 19745-07-4
CAS Min % 95.0
CAS Max % 100.0
MDL Number MFCD04117886
Chemical Name or Material 2,5-Dichloropyrazine; 19745-07-4; 2,5-Dichloro-pyrazine; Pyrazine, 2,5-dichloro-; JVSDZAGCHKCSGR-UHFFFAOYSA-N;
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Physical Form Liquid
Packaging Glass bottle
Molecular Formula C4H2Cl2N2
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 148.98
Color colourless
Melting Point 52-54°C
Assay 98%

2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4) Safety and HandlingAPICMO hazard icons

(19745-07-4) Hazard description:

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2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4) Precautionary statement:

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2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4) Articles

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    An in-depth introduction to 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4)

    When it comes to high purity and quality chemical products, APICMO is the leading pharmaceutical company. We produce 2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4) among other chemical products. All our products conform to the Common Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) among other regulations. Our dedication and passion isto serve you and deliver the best quality products.

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Chemical Structure

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine powder (19745-07-4) -APICMO Pyrazines

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Synthesis route

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4)

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Precursor and downstream products


    2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4)

    Downstream products

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine (19745-07-4)

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Synonyms

    • AC1L7J6G
    • 2,5-Dichloro-pyrazine
    • ACMC-20a0sg
    • 2,5-Dichloropyrazine
    • 19745-07-4
    • Pyrazine,2,5-dichloro-
    • Q-103275
    • 2,5-Dichlor-pyrazin
    • Pyrazine,2,5-dichloro
    • D90103
    • 745D074
    • I03-036
    • DB-005869
    • AB0023180
    • BC686148
    • AB1006185
    • KB-17896
    • CJ-05487
    • 4CH-013353
    • AM20070320
    • FT-0080029
    • FT-0600104
    • C-1581
    • W4185
    • TC-030888
    • ST1120825
    • AX8032490
    • AK-25558
    • AN-11264
    • BC686148
    • BR-25558
    • CJ-25160
    • SC-21758BCP23234
    • KS-000002FE
    • ZINC1581403
    • ZX-AT004750
    • ANW-51950
    • FCH835920
    • MFCD04117886
    • AKOS006280522
    • QC-6891
    • AC-5180
    • CD-1587
    • CM10433
    • NSC-349788
    • CS-W004751
    • CTK3J3068
    • MolPort-006-710-166
    • RTC-030888
    • QC-6891
    • OR16998
    • PB21866
    • PS-3931
    • RP01608
    • AJ-27478
    • KSC493A6R
    • DTXSID40319709
    • 2,5-Dichloropyrazine, AldrichCPR
    • ACT01754
    • 2,5-Dichloro-1,4-diazine
    • SCHEMBL933680

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Product specifications

    Purity 97%
    Physical State Liquid
    Monoisotopic Mass 147.96
    Molecular Weight g/mol 148.974
    Molecular Formula C4H2Cl2N2
    Melting Point ˚c 52-54
    IUPAC Name 2,5-dichloropyrazine
    Density g/cm^3 1.493
    Chemical Name 2,5-Dichloropyrazine
    Boiling Point ˚c 184.4
    CAS no 19745-07-4
    Flash Point ˚c 81.5

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Physical and chemical properties


    It is a colourless liquid.


    Hydrogen Bond Donor-0


    Rotatable Bond 0
    Covalent Bond 1


    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) is stable under normal conditions. When subjected to a high temperature it decomposes to Nitrogen oxides, Hydrogen chloride, Carbon dioxide,and Carbon monoxide.

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Computed Properties

    Isotope Atom Count 0
    Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Heavy Atom count 8
    Formal Charge 0
    Compound Is Canonicalized True
    XLogP3-AA 1.6
    Exact Mass 147.96
    Topological Polar Surface Area 25.8 A^2
    Complexity 68.4

    Hazards associated with 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4)APICMO hazard icons

    • It is harmful if swallowed. It would lead to stomach pains, vomiting and lack of appetite.
    • It causes skin irritation once it gets into contact with it. It could cause skin reddening, rashes,and burning/itching.
    • It may cause respiratory irritation once inhaled. It may lead to coughs, difficulty in breathing and production of mucus.
    • It may cause severe eye irritation once it splashes into your eyes. Its symptoms could be; eye reddening, watering, burning and blurred vision.

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Safety measures

    1. Personal protection

    Respiratory protection

    Use particle respirator type P95 (US) or type P1 (EU EN 143) for nuisance exposures. If you need high protection, use type ABEK-P2 (EU EN 143) or OV/AG/P99 (US) respirator cartridges.If the respirator is the onlyequipment you are using for protection, use a full-face supplied air respirator. Use tested and approved respirators and components under appropriate government standards such as CEN (EU) and NIOSH (US).

    Body protection

    Wear a complete outfit to protect yourself against this chemical product. Consider the amount of substance and its concentration in your workplace while selecting the appropriate protective gear.

    Skin protection

    Wear gloves while handling this chemical product. Check the glovesbeforehand to ensure that there are no holes or tears that could lead to the permeability of the substance. Remove the glove using the proper glove removal technique without touching the outer surface. Dispose of contaminated gloves properly, wash your hands and dry them.

    Eye/ face protection

    Wear safety glasses that have side-shields that conform to EN 166. Use tested and approved eye protection equipment under appropriate government standards such as EN 166 (EU) or NIOSH (US).

    2. 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Engineering controls

    • Provide adequate ventilation in places where there is the formation of dust. Install fume hoods and local exhaust ventilation.
    • Install eyewash stations and safety showers to help in flushing of the chemical substance in case of body contact and in putting off fire from clothes in case a fire occurs.

    3. First aid measures

    If inhaled

    Get the victim out of the area of contamination to a place that has fresh air. Let them lie in a position that can allow them to breathe comfortably. If they are not breathing, trained personnel should administer oxygen or give them artificial respiration.

    If ingested

    Contact a doctor or a poison center immediately. Induce vomiting only if advised by medical personnel to do so. You should not give an unconscious victim anything by mouth.

    In case of eye contact

    Flush your eyes with plenty of water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Remove contact lenses if wearing any and clean under your eyelids. If burning or pain sensation persists, see a physician.

    In case of skin contact

    Immediately remove the contaminated clothes and shoes. Rinse the affected area thoroughly with a copious amount of water. Use lukewarm water and non-abrasive soap. In case the burning/itching persists, seek immediate medical attention.

    4. When using 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4)

    Make sure that you use while outdoors or in an area where there is sufficientaeration to reduce the accumulation of toxic fumes.Wear appropriate protective gear to protect yourself from contact with this chemical product. Follow all the safety regulations put in place regarding the use of chemicals. Make sure that you have spillage equipment, safety showers,and eyewash equipment near you in case of an accident.

    5. After using 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4)

    Place the chemical product to its storage area. Remove the protective gear, clean it and allow it to ventilate before wearing it again. Dispose of all waste material and containers properly. Clean the work surface thoroughly to ensure that no chemical spills are left out. Clean your handsthoroughly and dry them using a clean towel to prevent recontamination.

    6. When out of use

    Keep the product away from access to unauthorized personnel. Do not place the chemical product on bench tops to prevent knockoffs. Keep it tightly capped, well-labeledand away from ignition sources and incompatiblesubstances.

    7. 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Handling and storage


    Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid the formation of aerosols and dust during your operations. Note that further processing of solid materials may result in the creation of combustible dust. The potential of formation of dust should be taken into consideration before additional processing occurs. Provide suitable exhaust ventilation in areas where there is the formation of dust.


    Keep the container tightly capped to prevent spillage. Store in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store this chemical product far from any sources of ignition and incompatible substances. Store away from sunlight.

    8. 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) Accidental measures


    In case a spill occurs, prevent a further leak or spillage if it is safe to do so. Do not allow the substance to get into drains or watercourses because it is a contaminant. Make the neighbors aware of the presence of fumes. Mix the substance with sand or vermiculite. Sweep it up and shovel without creating dust. Transfer it to a suitable, closable container ready for disposal.

    Fire control

    In case of a fire get any uninvolved persons out of the scene. Move any portable containers to a safe place. Put on protective equipment to protect your skin and eyes from getting into contact with the chemical product. Wear a self-contained breathing apparatus to prevent you from inhaling the toxic fumes produced. Use any of these extinguishing media;

    • Carbon dioxide
    • Dry chemical
    • Alcohol-resistant foam

    9. Sensitivity and reactivity

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) reacts with strong oxidizing agents and strong acids. It is flammable.

    10. Chemical disposal

    Dispose of all contaminated packaging as an unused product. You could also contact a licensed professional waste disposal service to dispose of this material. Follow all state/local/federal regulations regarding chemical waste disposal.

    11. Shipping information

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) is safe to transport by water, road,and air.

    2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) bulk pricing and ordering

    In need of 2,5-Dichloropyrazine(19745-07-4) in large or small quantities? Contact us today for any inquiries that you may have.



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