2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

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2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) video

2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine is an important raw material and intermediate used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyestuff fields.

The adsorption of 2‐amino‐5‐cyanopyridine (2‐ACP) was investigated in solution at different pH values by in situ surface‐enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy combined with the electrochemical method. The assignments of the main bands were first performed on the basis of the spectral features of similar compounds and with the help of density functional theory calculations. The results revealed that the adsorption and the interfacial structure of 2‐ACP on the Au electrode depended on the applied potential and the pH values of the solution. In the natural solution, 2‐ACP was adsorbed on the surface with a vertical orientation by the CN group from − 0.4 to − 1.0 V, whereas in the − 0.4 to 0.8 V range, the N atom of the pyridine ring was bound to the surface. A transition region for the reorientation of the two adsorption modes was observed from − 0.8 to − 0.4 V. A flat configuration was preferred at an extremely negative potential. A similar surface adsorption behavior was observed in the alkali environment, while the Stark effect slope decreased because of the adsorption of OH−. Due to the protonation of N atom in the acidic solution, the potential region for the coexistence of two configurations ranged from − 0.4 to 0.2 V. Additionally, a similar adsorption configuration was proposed on the Au colloids at various pH values. The results revealed that the adsorption behavior became more complex on colloidal surfaces than that on a rigid electrode surface.

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2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) Specifications

CAS 4214-73-7
CAS Min % 95%
CAS Max % 100%
MDL Number MFCD00128902
Chemical Name or Material 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Physical Form Powder
Packaging Glass bottle
Molecular Formula C6H5N3
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 119.12
Color Brown
Melting Point 159-163 °C
Assay 98%


2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) Safety and Handling

(4214-73-7) GHS H Statement

APICMO hazard icons

  • Toxic in contact with skin
  • Harmful in contact with skin
  • Causes serious eye irritation
  • Harmful if inhaled
  • Causes skin irritation

 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine GHS P Statement

  • Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Wash skin thouroughly after handling.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.
  • Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
  • IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continuerinsing.

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2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) Articles

Microwave-assisted MgO NP catalyzed one-pot multicomponent synthesis of polysubstituted steroidal pyridines

The present study reports a highly efficient and green synthetic route for the synthesis of steroidal pyridines. The synthetic methodology involves a microwave-assisted one-pot multicomponent reaction using MgO NPs as a heterogeneous, mild and reusable catalyst.

New Journal of Chemistry 2018 vol. 42 # 1 p. 184 – 197

Hexahydrospiro-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine-4,1′-pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinolines Derived from 5,6-dihydro-4H-pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinoline-1,2-dione

The tricyclic isatin, 5,6-dihydro-4H-pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinoline-1,2-dione (1), reacts with a combination of an aryl cyanomethyl ketone 8 and a 5-amino-1-arylpyrazole 7 to generate spirocyclic products 9

Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2018 vol. 55 # 5 p. 1176 – 1182

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    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) description

    To synthesise this product, we experimented the adsorption of the chemical which was done with solutions at different pH values using SERS spectroscopy and electrochemical method. The experiment was first carried out by checking the spectral characteristics of similar compounds using with the assistance of the density functional theory calculations.

    The results showed the compound’s adsorption and interfacial structure using the Au electrode was dependent on the pH values of the solutions, and the adsorption was more complex on colloidal surfaces than on the rigid electrode surface.

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine is a crucial raw material mainly used as in pharmaceuticals, organic synthesis, dyestuff field and agrochemicals.

    This product is entailed on the APICMO contract, and you can, therefore, feel free to make any inquiries concerning the chemical, and you can also make an order from us.

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) chemical structure

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) product specifications

    CAS no. 4214-73-7
    Chemical Name or Material 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine
    Density (g/cm 3 ) 1.23
    IUPAC name 6-aminopyridine-3-carbonitrile
    flashpoint 136.9ºC
    Boiling point (˚C) 302.8
    Molecular formula C6H5N3
    Molecular weight (g/mol) 119.12
    Monoisotopic mass
    Physical state Powder
    Purity 98%
    Color Brown
    Synonyms 1. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine
    1. 6-Aminonicotinonitrile
    1. 6-Aminonicotinonitrile
    1. 6-Amino-3-pyridinecarbonitrile
    1. 6-aminopyridine-3-carbonitrile
    1. zlchem 518

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine chemical and physical properties

    This chemical is a brown powder

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine bonding

    Rotatable Bond Count 0
    Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 1
    Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 3

    4214-73-7 computed properties

    Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 1
    Isotope Atom Count 0
    Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Heavy Atom Count 9
    Formal Charge 0
    Compound Is Canonicalized True
    XLogP3-AA 0.2
    Exact Mass 119.048 g/mol
    Topological Polar Surface Area 62.7 A^2
    complexity 135

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine synthesis route

    The product has 15 synthesis routes as follows;

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

    Precursor and product downstream


    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

    Product downstream

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7)

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine uses

    This chemical is primarily used in;

    • As a pharmaceuticals intermediate
    • Used in organic synthesis
    • Uses in dyestuff field
    • Applied in agrochemicals

    Hazards associated with 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine

    GHS classification symbol

    APICMO hazard icons

    This chemical comes with many hazards if not handled appropriately and they include;

    • It irritates when it comes in to contact with the skin
    • It leads to severe eye irritation if it accidentally gets into contact with the eyes, and this could become permanent damage if not well treated
    • If is toxic if inhaled as it can cause irritation in the respiratory tract
    • If swallowed, the chemical results into diarrhea and vomiting

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine safety measures and personal protection

    You need to protect yourself and those around when working with this product to avoid its harmful effects.

    Skin protection

    • Put on protective gloves and footwear
    • Do not forget to cover your hands with the long-sleeved shirt

    Eyes protection

    • Wear protective glasses

    Face and respiratory protection

    • Put on a protective mask
    • Make sure that the mask has air filters to ensure that you do not inhale the product’s gas, vapor or mist
    • The mask should cover the mouth to avoid accidental swallowing of the chemical

    1. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine engineering control

    For starters, your laboratory has to be well-ventilated with adequate moving air. Also, ensure that it is equipped with safety measures such as fire extinguisher, fume hood, air cleaner, vapor compressor, taps with running water and safety shower.

    2. First aid measures

    If you accidentally come into contact with the chemical, this is what to do.

    Accidental swallowing

    The victim should rinse his/her mouth thoroughly with plenty of clean water. If unconscious, you should not administer anything through the mouth. Instead, take him/her to a medical center for professional. Also, you should not induce vomiting.

    Accidental eye contact

    You should rinse your eyes thoroughly with lots of clean water for about 15 minutes. Make sure to remove your lenses for easier cleaning. If irritation persists, seek the assistance of a doctor.

    Skin contact

    If you accidentally spill the chemical on your skin, clean the affected area with plenty of water and non-abrasive soap. If your clothes got the spillage too, remove them and put on clean ones. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.

    3. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine storage

    • Store this chemical using its original container
    • Make sure that the container is tightly closed and that there are no leaks
    • Store it at room temperature in a cool, dry place
    • Keep it away from any component that could cause decomposition
    • Store it in a locked place away from any unauthorized access

    4. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine handling

    When working with 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine, observe the following precautions;

    • Do not inhale its fumes, vapor or fumes
    • Work from an open or well-ventilated space
    • Put on protective clothing to avoid the chemical from getting into your skin, eyes, reparatory system or the mouth
    • Make sure that the laboratory is equipped with safety measures such as fire extinguisher and air cleaner

    5. What do you do after using 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine?

    • Clean and dry the working area to get rid of any spillage
    • Store the remaining product appropriately and dispose the residues following the waste rules and regulations
    • Wash your hands before heading to the shower, take a shower and put on clean clothes

    6. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7) accidental measures


    If you accidentally spill the chemical on the floor or the working table, take an absorbent cloth, soak it and toss it in a waste container. Clean the area with lots of water, dry it and use a vapor suppressor to reduce the vapor.

    7. 4214-73-7 stability

    This product is super stable but only if handled under the right conditions. Exposing it to acids or strong oxidizing agents could lead to decomposition.

    8. 2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine waste disposal

    You should treat this product as special waste and therefore dispose it following the local, federal and international regulations. You can also opt to burn it instead for assured safety but use a chemical incinerator to do so.

    9. Shipping info

    Being a stable product, 4214-73-7 can be transported comfortably in bulk by sea or air without the fear of getting into any dangers. The shipping charges are therefore standard.

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine regulatory info

    You should observe all the local, federal and international rules and regulations at every stage of handling this product. This includes storage and disposal.

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine technical info

    Our technicians are dedicated to producing high-quality chemicals and have all the knowledge, skills and experience in life science, material science chemical analysis, chemical synthesis and chromatography.

    2-Amino-5-cyanopyridine (4214-73-7 ) pricing and bulk ordering

    This chemical is strictly meant for research, production and chemical synthesis. If you want it for any of these purposes, feel free to make orders in bulk from us.


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