Tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

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tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) video

Tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate is spiro compound. Spiro compound has as protein kinase inhibitors, including as c – Met the activity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and the like, and can be used for the treatment of these kinase of diseases caused by abnormal activity, such as cancer, or for the preparation of a medicament for treating these diseases.

Its Chemical describption is 1-oxa-6-aza-spiro-[2.5]octane-6-caboxylic acid tert-butyl ester, tert-Butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate, 6-aza -6-tert-butyloxycarbonyl-1-oxaspiro<2.5>octane, 1-oxa-6-aza-spiro[2,5]octane-6-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester, 1-oxa-6-aza-spiro[ 2.5]octane-6-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester, 1,1-dimethylethyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5 ]octane-6-carboxylate, 1,1-dimethylethyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane -6-carboxylate.

It is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate. It is also used as an intermediate in organic syntheses.

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tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) Specifications

CAS 147804-30-6
CAS Min % 95.0
CAS Max % 98.0
MDL Number MFCD07779385
Chemical Name or Material tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Assay Percent Range 97%
Physical Form Crystalline Powder
Packaging Glass bottle
Molecular Formula C11H19NO3
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 213.277
Color White
Chemical Name or Material tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate
Melting Point 56° to 58°C
Assay ≥96.0%


tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) Safety and Handling

(147804-30-6) Hazard description:

Causes skin irritation.

Causes serious eye irritation.

May cause respiratory irritation.

Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray.

tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate Precautionary statement:

Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.

Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

IF INHALED: Remove to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Store locked up.

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

WARNING: The information provided on this web site was developed in compliance with European Union (EU) regulations and is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The information given is designed only as a guide for safe handling and use. It is not to be considered as either a warranty or quality specification.

tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) Articles

Nafizal Hossain

Nafizal Hossain, et al. Spirocyclic compounds, potent CCR1 antagonists.Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.,2013

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    An In-Depth Introduction to tert-butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

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    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate Description

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate falls into the category of spiro compounds. Studies show that it can act as an inhibitor of kinases, such as tyrosine. Subsequently, it has led to the drug discovery on the treatment and control of kinase-associated abnormalities, which trigger cancer progression.

    Despite being a pharmaceutical intermediate, the product is also an intermediate in organic synthesis.

    The structural formula of Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6):

    tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate Specifications

    CAS no. 147804-30-6
    Chemical name 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester
    Density (g/cm3) 1.123
    Empirical formula C11H19NO3
    Boiling point (˚C) 297.62
    Flash point (˚C) 133.8
    IUPAC name Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate
    Melting point (˚C) 55 – 59
    Molecular weight (g/mol) 213.277
    Monoisotopic mass (g/mol) 213.136
    Physical state Solid
    Purity 97%
    Structural formula
    Synonyms · 6-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane
    · 6-boc-1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane
    · 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester
    · 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate
    · 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester
    · Tert-butyl-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-1-oxa-6-carboxylate.

    Chemical & Physical Properties of Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)


    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate is a white crystalline powder

    147804-30-6 bonding

    Rotatable bond 2
    Hydrogen bond Donor count – 1 unit

    Acceptor count – 3

    Covalent 1

    147804-30-6 Computed Properties

    Property Name Property value
    XLogP3-AA 1.1
    Vapor pressure (mmHg) 0.0±6
    Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Topological polar surface area 42.07 A^2
    Refractive index 1.506
    Isotope Atom Count 0
    Heavy Atom Count 15
    Formal Charge 0
    Exact Mass (g/mol) 213.136
    Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
    Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
    Compound is Canonicalized Yes
    Complexity 262

    Synthesis Route of Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate

    There are nine synthesis routes for this product. Below are some of the recommended methods:

    Tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

    Tert-Butyl 1-Oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

    Applications of 147804-30-6APICMO hazard icons

    • Acts as a pharmaceutical and synthetic intermediate
    • Inhibitor of certain protein kinases

    147804-30-6 Hazard Description

    • Likely to irritate the eyes, leading to permanent damage
    • May cause severe skin allergies
    • Inflammation of the respiratory system

    Safety Measures When Dealing with Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

    1. Personal Protection

    Protective gears

    The equipment should be consistentwith the state’s directives, such as the European Union (EU) regulations for the European nation or NIOSH for the United States. Ensure maximum protection of the body, eyes, face, respiratory tract, and the skin. Use either type N95 or type P1 masks depending on the local regulations.

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) Engineering controls

    Ensure your working space has enough exhaust ventilation and safety showers.

    2. First Aid Measures

    Eye Contact

    Cautiously rinse the eyes with cold running water for the next 15 minutes. Get medical assistance if irritation continues.

    Skin Contact

    Wash with copious amounts of water and soap for 15 minutes.


    First aid is applicable only when the casualty is conscious. Flush the mouth thoroughly and drink at least half a liter of water or milk. When the victim is unconscious, get immediate help from a poison center, a toxicologist, or a physician.


    Move the victim to a ventilated room while maintaining a relaxed position. Administer artificial respiration when the victim is unconscious and get immediate help from a doctor.

    3. Handling Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate

    When in use, take note of the following precautions:

    • Avoid breathing vapors, mist, fumes, or other toxic emissions
    • Wear approved personal protective equipment
    • Use it in a ventilated laboratory

    4. Storage of Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6)

    When not in use,

    • Store within standard conditions
    • Keep the product under nitrogen
    • Seal the storage vessel tightly
    • Ensure the storage area is ventilated, dry, and cool
    • Keep Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate away from potential oxidants
    • Lock up Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate to limit access

    5. After Use

    After using Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate,

    • Dispose of the used or contaminated chemicals appropriately
    • Wash hands
    • Take back the unused product to the original packaging vessel
    • Clear the working bench by cleaning up spills

    6. Fire Control

    Put on self-contained breathing gears to avoid contact with potentially toxic fumes and vapors, arising from decomposition. Put out the flame with water spray, dry chemical powder, alcohol-resistant foam, or carbon dioxide. The extinguishing media will depend on the intensity of the fire and the causative agent.

    7. Accidental Release Measures

    Contain any leakages or spillages. Scoop the spill or use an inert absorbent like sand to soak up the chemical. Discard in a closed container and dispose of as per the region’s disposal regulations.Clean the working bench and ventilate it.

    8. Stability & Reactivity of Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate

    The product is stable under standard controlled conditions.

    9. 147804-30-6 Chemical Disposal

    Treat Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate as special waste and get rid of it with the help of a licensed local disposal company.

    10. Shipping Info

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) is non-hazardous for air, ground, or marine shipping.The transport conditions should be standard.

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) Regulatory Information

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate (147804-30-6) has no special precautions or hazards to the ecology, human health, or the environment.The product has no known components, which are persistent or bioaccumulative.For this reason, it has been classified as neither dangerous nor hazardous.

    The information herein conforms to the international requirements.

    Technical Details

    Our scientists have practical knowledge in material and life sciences, analytical chemistry, chromatography, chemical synthesis, and scientific research.

    Tert-butyl 1-oxa-6-azaspiro[2.5]octane-6-carboxylate Bulk Ordering and Pricing

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