tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)

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 tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) video

Tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride, its pharmaceutically acceptable salt, ester, solvate thereof , are useful in the treatment of diseases in which inhibition of a protein or lipid kinase (e.g. a PIM family kinase, such as PIM-1, PIM-2 and/or PIM-3) is desired and/or required, and particularly in the treatment of cancer or a proliferative disease.

Its chemical names that tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride, tert-butyl-2,7-diazaspiro[3,5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride, tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonan-7-carboxylate hydrochloride, tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate, 2,7-diaza-spiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester hydrochloride.

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tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) Specifications

CAS 1023301-84-9
CAS Min % 97.0
CAS Max % 98.0
MDL Number MFCD13185086
Chemical Name or Material  tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride
Infrared Spectrum N/A
Physical Form Of-white to beige powder
Packaging Glass bottle
Molecular Formula C12H23ClN2O2
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 261.76828
Color beige
Melting Point 50.1 – 158 °C
Assay ≧98%

tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) Safety and Handling

tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride Hazard description:APICMO hazard icons

w May cause an allergic skin reaction

w Causes serious eye irritation

1023301-84-9 Precautionary statement:

w Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.

w Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection.

w IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

w IF INHALED: Remove to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.

w Store locked up.

w Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/

international regulations.

WARNING: The information provided on this web site was developed in compliance with European Union (EU) regulations and is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The information given is designed only as a guide for safe handling and use. It is not to be considered as either a warranty or quality specification.



Piperidine compounds acceptable salts and solvates thereof in the pharmaceutically, are especially useful for treating cancer.

WO2016/40515, 2016

tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) Technical Service:

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    Are you looking for a place to purchase large quantities of tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)? You need not worry anymore because we have the expertise and vast knowledge in synthesizing and manufacturing large quantities of the product. Our products are all produced under the dictates of manufacturing regulations of CGMP.

    Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride description

    Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride is pharmaceutically accepted ester, solvate, salt which are useful in treating diseases which require inhibition of a lipid kinase or a protein (for instance a kinase of the PIM family such as PIM-3, PIM-2or PIM-1) add particularly in treating proliferative disease or cancer.

    This product is in the category of spiral compounds.

    Chemical structure of Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride

    tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)

     The product has one synthesis route:

     Synthesis Route for Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride

    tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)

    tert-butyl 4-cya…



    tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)1023301-84-9
    tert-butyl 2,7-d..

    tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) has one precursor product:


    tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate;hydrochloride Product specifications:

    Product Name tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride
    IUPAC Name tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate;hydrochloride
    Assay ≧98%
    Melting Point 50.1 – 158 °C
    Smiles Cl.O=C(OC(C)(C)C)N2(CCC1(CNC1)(CC2))
    Molecular Formula C12H22N2O2
    Inchi InChI=1S/C12H22N2O2/c1-11(2,3)16-10(15)14-6-4-12(5-7-14)8-13-9-12/h13H,4-9H2,1-3H3
    Cas Max 98.0%
    Cas Min 97.0%
    CAS Number 1023301-84-9
    Synonyms X8607
    tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate–hydrogen chloride (1/1)
    tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate, HCl
    1. tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride
    tert-butyl 2,7-Diazaspiro(3,5)nonane-7-carboxylate HCl
    3. SCHEMBL994266
    4. MolPort-019-918-671
    6. DTXSID10670470
    7. CTK4A0927
    7-N-Boc-2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane hydrochloride
    8. 7-Boc-2,7-diaza-spiro[3.5]nonane hydrochloride
    7-Boc-2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane HCl
    7-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-7-aza-2-azoniaspiro[3.5]nonane chloride
    2,7-Diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylic acid,1,1-dimethylethyl ester,hydrochloride
    2,7-Diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylic acid, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester, hydrochloride (1:1)
    9. 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester hydrochloride
    2,7-diaza-spiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylic acid tert-butyl ester hydrochloride

    Physical and chemical properties of tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride


    Hydrogen bond Donor count –2 units
    Acceptor count –3 units
    Rotatable bond 2 units
    Covalent 2 units


    Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochlorideappears as a white powder.

    Tert-Butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride computed properties.

    Name of Property Value
    Complexity 269
    Count of Heavy Atom 17
    Count of Isotopeatom 0
    Exact Mass 226.168 g/mol.
    Formal Charge 0
    Is The Compound Canonicalized Yes
    Molecular Weight 262.145 g/mol.
    Monoisotopicmass 262.145 g/mol.
    Stereocenter Count of The Defined Bond 0
    Stereocenter Count of Undefined Atom 0
    Stereocenter Count of Undefined Atom 0
    Stereocenter Count of Undefined Bond 0
    The Surface Area of Topological Polar 41.6 A^2

    Uses of tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate;hydrochloride

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride is useful in treatment of proliferative diseases or cancer

    Safety handling of Tert-Butyl2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride (1023301-84-9)

    APICMO hazard icons

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride may cause harmful effects to your health if it is inappropriately handled. You should, therefore, treat it with care and follow all the safety instructions available.

    Hazards associated with tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride:

    • The compound is allergic to the skin and may cause irritating reactions.
    • Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride is an eye irritant.
    • The product should not be swallowed because it may be toxic.
    • Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride causes respiratory irritations

    Precautionary measures

    To ensure that you do not expose your health to the hazards associated with this product, always follow the following safety measures for personal protection when handling the product.

    Skin protection equipment:

    Always cover your skin with protective clothing.

    Protect your hand s by use of well-inspected gloves.

    Equipment for eye and face protection

    Wear standard safety goggles:

    Ensure you have face shield to cover your face.

    Respiratory protection equipment:

    Under normal conditions, respiratory protection may not be necessary. However, avoid inhaling gas, dust, fumes, mist, spray or vapors from the compound.

    1. Engineering measures

    The product should be handled outdoors or in a well-ventilated laboratory.

    2. First aid measures

    In case of emergencies occurring during handling of Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride, administer the following first aid measures before seeking medical attention.


    If someone inhales the product, transfer them to a place with access to fresh air. Let the victim rest in a position they can relax and breathe comfortably.


    If swallowed, wash the mouth with plenty of clean cold water. Seek advice from a medic if the symptoms persist.

    Skin contact

    Remove the particles from the skin surface. Rinse the affected spot with plenty of running water and mild soap for about 15 minutes. Seek advice from a medic if corrosion prolongs.

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride handling measures.

    When in use

    When you are working with tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride always considers the following precautions:

    • Protect your entire body including the skin, face, hands, feet, and eyes with protective clothing and avoid getting in contact with the product:
    • Do not use the product until you read and understand the instructions.
    • Avoid the formation of dust or fumes when handling this product.
    • Ensure the room you are working in is well-ventilated.
    • Work in a chemical fume chamber.
    • Do not work with this product during pregnancy.
    • Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product.
    • Do not release the product into the environment.

    After use

    After using the product to conduct your product synthesis, research or development, consider the measures below:

    • Remove the contaminated clothing and launder them before reusing.
    • Remove the gloves cautiously without touching the contaminated side.
    • Ventilate and clean the working bench.
    • Wash your hands and the face thoroughly with plenty of cold water.
    • Dispose of the cloves, wastes and empty containers as per the waste disposal requirements of the federal or the local laws.
    • Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride storage.
    • Store the product in a well-corked container.
    • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or heat surfaces.
    • Keep the product in a well-ventilated area.
    • Keep under low temperatures, preferably between 2 and 8° C

    1. Stability and reactivity

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride is not compatible with strong oxidizing agents.

    The product is stable in normal conditions.

    2. Accidental spillages

    If the product, secondary products or mixture of the product with other products spills accidentally, pick up the spillages carefully avoiding to create dust. Sweep up and shovel the spillage, pack the waste in waste containers and arrange for disposal. Tightly close the disposal containers.

    3. Firefighting controls

    If tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride or its secondary products cause a fire, extinguish the fire using water, carbon dioxide or dry powder. While fighting the fire, wear protective clothing and self-contained breathing equipment. Do not use full jet while using water to fight the fire. You should stop fighting the fire if it reaches explosives point. The following are the harmful fumes produced by tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride when combusted:

    • Carbon dioxide
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Nitrogen oxides
    • Hydrogen chloride
    • Phosgene

    4.Waste disposal controls

    Dispose of all the waste products resulting from usage of Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylatehydrochloride as per the federal and local regulations governing waste disposal.

    Package the wastes and handle them to an authorized waste disposal company.

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate hydrochloride Shipping Information

    The product has not been classified as hazardous to transport by any means that, is water, air land transport.

    Regulatory information

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate;hydrochloride is a product listed for purposes of research and development. It is therefore not suitable for human or animal use. We have not entirely determined the toxicological, physiochemical and ecological properties of the product. As such, great care and respect should be practiced while conducting research, development or product synthesis using this product. Qualified personnel with experience in chemical laboratory practices should only handle it. It should also be treated under suitable conditions. The responsible persons shall make use of this safety data in combination with information from other reliable sources.

    Technical service

    At APICMO, we have a team of qualified experts who are committed in the research and development in life science, chemical science, analytical science, chromatography among others.

    Tert-butyl 2,7-diazaspiro[3.5]nonane-7-carboxylate;hydrochloride (1023301-84-9) pricing and bulk ordering.

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